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   DO NOT accept advice from your friends, parents, friends' parents, acquaintances, relatives, the internet, local clergy, dime store clerks, or psychic advisers regarding your aftercare.


   Our artists have done their part in making your new art look great and now it's your turn. How you take care of your new tattoo can directly effect the outcome. Please read through our aftercare instructions and feel free to contact the shop about any questions or concerns.

  Once you are home remove your bandage - DO NOT leave your bandage on for more than 2 hours. Your new tattoo will need to be washed 3-4 times a day minimum for about two weeks or until it is fully healed. Wash your tattoo by hand using unscented antibacterial hand soap and water - DO NOT use a washcloth or body scrubber of any type. Take care to gently remove any excess ink and/or plasma. Allow to air dry or pat dry with a soft clean cloth. After it has dried apply a THIN layer of ointment and work it in like a lotion. It's important to not over saturate as it can clog pores and force ink out, but it will need to be applied often enough that the tattoo will not dry out causing it to scab. You must wash off any old ointment prior to putting on a fresh application. The goal is to avoid scabbing, but should a scab form you'll want to be careful to allow it to heal and come off on its own.  DON'T PICK IT.  Prematurely picking or removing it can cause ink to be pulled out.



  • Dial Antibacterial hand soap (pump not bar)

  • Aquaphor or Aquatat

  • Clean hands

Daily  aftercare instructions

   Avoid submerging your tattoo in water until your tattoo is completely healed. Normal showers are fine. Sun exposure and tanning should also be avoided during the healing process, and sunblock and lotion should only be used after it's fully healed. 2-3 weeks healing time is merely a guideline; if you properly care for your tattoo it could begin to peel in 3-4 days. Once it begins to peel you can switch from ointment to a mild, fragrance-free hand lotion.


We offer a clear tattoo bandage that is designed to provide a breathable bacterial barrier for new tattoos. Having this bandage on eliminates the need for multiple daily washings and provides a comfortable layer of protection against dirt, bacteria, abrasion and water while keeping your tattoo hydrated. Your artist will offer to apply this bandage if they feel it will be beneficial for you depending on the size and location of your new tattoo.

PRotect your art for years to come

   Your body naturally sheds skin every day but exposure to strong sunlight will break pigments down faster. UV rays break down the chemical structure of the pigments in your skin and your tattoo should be protected from this. When you burn and peel you are speeding this process up! Skipping sunscreen not only leaves you with a nasty burn, but can also cause your tattoo to require a touch-up much sooner than it would've needed one otherwise. Any sunscreen will work just fine, but we do recommend using SPF 30 or higher and following label directions for reapplication.

Touch Up Policy

   As a courtesy we offer one free touch-up (if needed) to all of our clients. All touch-ups are done by appointment and must be scheduled within 3 months of getting your tattoo. It is recommended you stop in the shop and talk with your artist to ensure your tattoo is fully healed before booking your appointment. Tattoos that are improperly cared for or placed in areas advised against by the artist may not qualify for the free touch up. You must give 24 hour notice to change a touch-up appointment. No call/no show will result in loss of free touch up. 

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